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Tax Credits For Restaurants and Technology Startups

Kwantx uses it's data analysis and finance ability to assist small businesses with payroll tax credit calculations. The firm has a data driven approach to maximize tax credits that US restaurants and venture capital backed technology firms can access. We've helped business owners receive over $2,000,000 in tax credits thus far.  

Employee Retention Credit

Research & Development

Startup Recovery Business


Frankie's Wings & Things


A Florida restaurant chain qualified for refundable tax credits because their county has a government order that forced indoor dining to close in 2020. 



This Series-A investment startup qualified for payroll tax credits because of their significant capital expenditures on qualified Research and Development activities. 




This technology startup received payroll tax credits because they were started in 2020 during the peak of the Coronavirus pandemic. 

The Process

We can determine your business's tax credit eligibility by analyzing 2020 and 2021 payroll records, any capital received from the paycheck protection program, and a quarterly tax form 941. The employee retention tax credit is based on business location and the amount of payroll paid to each employee in each quarter. 

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