R&D Tax Credit For Technology Startups

Startups receive up to $250,000 to offset quarterly payroll tax liability.
You will likely qualify for a tax credit worth 10% of R&D expenses during 2021

Software and hardware technology startups that are venture capital-backed likely qualify for this savings!


We've processed $900,000 in tax credits thus far. Startups must apply by April 15th to use the credits for offsetting 2022 quarterly payroll tax liabilities. 

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Projects That Fall Under The Definition of 'Qualified Research'

If your startup was incorporated after 2016 and had less than $5,000,000 in revenue during 2021 then you can likely receive 10% of 2021 R&D expenses as credits. 

  • Is the outcome of the research intended to result in a new product or process?

  • Is there technical uncertainty during the research?

  • Is the research based on core sciences? (physics, engineering, chemistry, or computer science). 

  • Did you have US based employee or contractors work on the research?

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