CPAs & Bookkeepers: Systematically Identify and File Tax Refunds Your Clients Are Eligible For

Kwantx payroll tax refund software enables bookkeepers and CPAs to help their clients receive 'free money' with only 15 minutes of work. The systematic approach relies on government executive orders and irs code to calculate refund amounts and file on behalf of clients. A percentage fee is charged to each client for the credit received, which is split between the Bookkeeper/CPA and Kwantx.

Kwantx applies a conservative interpretation to tax code as it relates to payroll refunds, such as the employee retention credit. The accountants access the software via the web and can process batch refunds with a payroll report and form 941. 
Kwantx Partners
  • Streamline the process to identify tax refunds for your clients
  • Avoid manual errors by utilizing Kwantx' data driven method
  • Receive a portion of the success-only fee charged when a client finds 'free money'