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Event & Sentiment Prediction

Rules: Kwantx identifies tweets on twitter that may be about market moving events, we then calculate the sentiment of those tweets. In this competition you must identify the company which you believe will have the highest and the lowest single tweet sentiment score during the week of October 24th (when major financial and technology companies announce earnings). You then must select the events that the scores will be about. 

Predict Correctly and Win a Kindle!

Event and Company of Tweet with Highest Sentiment
Event and Company of Tweet with Lowest Sentiment

Let us know an equity markets event you think would be beneficial to track on Twitter which we didn't include. 

After submitting your predictions we'll invite you to access our Real-Time Twitter Stream Dashboard (see today's relevant tweets!). 

You can have a free trial till the competition begins on October 24th. Only your email is required to register and access the dashboard. 

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