Refundable Tax Credits For Restaurant Owners: A Data-Driven Advantage. 

Kwantx analyzes payroll and government data to calculate and file for refundable restaurant tax credits. Our average client receives $40,000+ as a refund check. Our data-driven approach allows us to identify tax credits that accountants are unaware of. We work on a success-only basis. 

Frankie's Wings


Credits Identified: $113,754

Kwantx is a financial technology firm based in Palo Alto, California. We operate on a success-only basis and work with your accountant and payroll providers. 

We Service Startup Business, Restaurants and Technology Firms. Our Average Client Saves $40,000+. Here's the process:

Complete Questionnaire


Connect payroll


We identify credits & file paperwork


You receive a check in the mail, credits to offset payroll taxes, and/or credits to offset annual taxes

Already Received The Employee Retention Credit?
Our Data Driven Approach Is Restaurant Specific and Thus Almost Always Finds Unused Refund Amounts

Previously Received:           $0 - $10,000

We Identified:                      $30,000 - $50,000

Additional Refund:              $30,000+

We Work With All Restaurants


Single Location

We work with restaurant owners that operate a single location so long as a large percent of their sales prior to covid will generated by indoor dining. 

franchse use.jpeg

Franchise Owners

We work with franchises and each of their franchisees to identify and calculate specific tax credits for each of their owners. 


Restaurant Groups

Restaurant groups that own multiple unique businesses can file for tax credits individually on behalf of each of their restaurants.