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GenAI Powered Equity Investing Strategies

Replicate and customize academic literature on public equity strategies with the by using large language models and novel modeling techniques.


Replicate Academic Investing Strategies

Language models to improve strategy development from ideation to deployment. 


Research existing publications to select one in your domain (currently we support a single ML Trend paper with Market data).


Test and iterate the strategy on historical data. 


Use no/low code to tune parameters of the models and trading strategy. 


Deploy the strategy real-time via API or GUI.

Data Feed By The Numbers

Kwantx gives you access to free factor calculations, backtesting, and premium analytics.


Academic papers


Equity Universe


Unique strategy modules

Quantitative Strategies

Trend Following


News Sentiment

Learn About Our State Of The Art NLP Models

We begin with a state of the art Google Bert model that is then trained on financial data and then manually annotated.  We have analyzed thousands of news articles and tweets, as well as designed cutting edge models to provide analytics our customers love.

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Quantamental Methods

Research events such as: performance of green vs brown stocks in times of negative climate change sentiment. 

Parameter Tuning

Analyze which peers are ranked best in a desired topic, see how that correlates with their stock price historically. 

Combine Approaches

Update client newsletters with topics they care about, show how their portfolio aligns with their values. 

Investment Process


We provide faith based investing analytics for asset managers to improve their decision making and client communications. We're headquartered in Palo Alto, California. 

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