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We Analyze Data To Help Improve Your Financial Returns Through Tax Credits or Investments. 

Measuring payroll and social media data to help business owners and investment managers improve their financial market performance. 

Helping Owners and Investors With Their Financial Returns


Tax Credit Advisory For Restaurant Owners

We use our payroll data expertise to help restaurant owners receive over $3,000,000 in government incentives, such as the employee retention credits. They qualify because their businesses were impacted by covid-19 when indoor dining had to shut down. 

Topics, Events, and Metrics To Assess Which Equities Are Most Sustainable

We are at the forefront of data, technology, and the financial world. We apply these practices to assist investors and business owners!


Access data from online sources such as social media.


Analyze alpha and financial market analytics. 


Relationship extraction and text understanding models. 


Factors that impact short and long term performance. 

Data Feed By The Numbers

Kwantx gives you access to free factor calculations, backtesting, and premium analytics.


Ethics Factors


S&P Stock Universe


Analytics Per Day

Quantitative Analytics


Relationship Extraction


Language Understanding

Learn About Our State Of The Art NLP Models

We begin with a state of the art Google Bert model that is then trained on financial data and then manually annotated.  We have analyzed thousands of news articles and tweets, as well as designed cutting edge models to provide analytics our customers love.

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Systematic Strategies

Quants backtest the performance of ethical factors on historical data. 

Business Owners

Grow assets and improve decision making by using Kwantx data analysis. 

Discretionary Managers

Fundamental managers consider the impact opportunistic analytics have on securities.



Improve decision making. We're located in Palo Alto, CA!

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